Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The World's Number 1 Brand Goes To Google. Big Surprise... Not!

Companies in the industry of technology are growing ever more powerful and do not seem daunted by the mounting pressures of the stock market. Do you know why? Let me tell you a little secret... it's because the prevalence of the online world is just beyond the normal boundaries of trading and consumer goods. Online services are not normally real products but knowledge sharing that is not affected by the rising prices of crude oil! Well not directly anyway... but you get my point.

Technology companies, including Google, Microsoft and Apple, accounted for 28 of the top 100 brands in Millward Brown's survey. They represented a combined brand value of $US187.5 billion.

Anyway Google tops the list of Millward Brown's survey. According to Sydney's Morning Herald, the search engine's marque is worth more than $86.1 billion ($94 billion), up 30% on last year, according to the Brandz list from Millward Brown Optimor published yesterday, which calculates the proportion of sales driven by brand.

The top five is unchanged from 2007, with Google followed by General Electric, Microsoft, Coca Cola and China Mobile. Wal-Mart, Citi and Toyota dropped down the rankings.

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